Join Afro Glamour Cosmetics   and  Start  a Career in Cosmetic

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career in cosmetics.

Especially a cosmetics  company  like Afro Glamour Cosmetics .A subsidiary of  ELLLOMEH INVESTMENTS FZC LLC. As we strive for business excellence.  Afro Glamour Cosmetic seeks people who share their passion for excellence, team work and innovative thinking.

By recruiting the best in the industry and providing continual development opportunities. It is afro glamour cosmetic responsibility to ensures a bright future for all concerned.

Although, we are  a  young and  growing company. when it comes to recruitment we are always focused on hiring the right people. People who have a  huge appetited in cosmetics and  skin care. Also we are  inspiring them to do the right job. As we are always on the look for talented individuals. As an equal opportunity employer we highly value integrity, knowledge and productivity.

Moreover here at Afro Glamour Cosmetics. we’re not looking for individuals who can run our business. Instead We’re on the recruit for people who can grow. People who can  improve and build our organization. we believe innovation is key to each team member.

Choice of  Career

Careers in cosmetics  is  a  very good choice. As a result, we   have  many openings for you . we look forward in hiring you  in  our  esteem  company.

Careers in cosmetics  can  be very challenging .Therefore we train, we develop our  employees, by carrying out continues professional development courses . This is  to benefit and improve our employees

Start a career in cosmetics!! kindly  submitting your CV along with a covering letter, salary expectations to or .  All information will be kept confidential.

Also you can click here to see some of our jobs on

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