AHC 365 Red Brightening Wrinkle Care Eye Cream 30ml

AHC 365 Red Brightening Wrinkle Care Eye Cream 30ml

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Formulated with Egyptian red hibiscus that is rich in vitamins A and C, the 365 Red Eye Cream from AHC is designed to make skin around the eyes firmer and smoother. It boasts a high content of skin-brightening ingredients such as anthocyanin, which removes active oxygen that stimulates skin aging, making you look younger and more radiant than ever before. Use as the final step of your AHC 365 Red skincare regimen.
Egyptian red hibiscus extract’s antioxidant powers keep skin fresh, wrinkle-free and moisturised
Anthocyanin helps reduce skin aging
Brightens skin, making it firmer and smoother
Place of origin
South Korea
Take a sufficient amount onto fingers and dab along the eye contour area. Use twice daily

100% Egyptian Red Hibiscus, Bound Water, Damask Rose Butter

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