Soskin R+ Hyaluronic Face Serum 2 PM 30ml

Soskin R+ Hyaluronic Face Serum 2 PM 30ml

AED 411.00

Soskin R+ Hyaluronic Serum 2Pm 30ml combines two hyaluronic acids of high and low molecular weights that enable anti-aging.
Suitable for All Skin Types
Anti-aging and Boost Moisture Content
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a protective film on the skin surface and limitate its hydration
Low molecular weight acid penetrates into the epidermis and sends activation signals of synthesis of new hyaluronic acids, collagen and elastin fibers improving cutaneous firmness
Place of origin

Apply morning and/or evening to the entire face, before skincare.Avoid the eye area.

Safety warning
For external use only
Two molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acids delivered on multiple skin levels to provide deep recovery and lastingly binds moisture in the skin

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