Steambase Daily Hydrating Eye Sheet Mask Rose Garden 1pc

Steambase Daily Hydrating Eye Sheet Mask Rose Garden 1pc

AED 40.00


Aroma therapy along with a 20-minute steam thermal massage with goggle-type design.
Place of origin

Take out the eye mask from the pouch

Cut the ear-part attached in the back through a cutting line

Place the eye mask with the white side facing your eyes

Put the eye mask on and relax with your eyes closed for 20 minutes

Safety warning
1) Please refrain from using it if you got infection on or around the eyes. Infants and elderly are not suggested to use without guidance. 2) Please avoid using it right after eye drops. 3) Wearing contact lens while using the product is not recommended. 4) Facial makeups maybe smudged or erased. 5) Do not use together with other cosmetic eye mask(s). 6) If you feel overheated, stop using it right away. Low-temperature burn may happen depending on your body and room condition. 7) Please close your eyes while using the product and do not squeeze product. 8) Do not use if the product is damaged or defective. 9) For sanitary reasons, do not reuse the product. 10) This product is eco-friendly made and has no fire risk nor does any harm for human. You can throw into the trash after use. 11) For certain conditions (like during flight), the product may swallow more but it is fine to use. 12) This product is not a medical device nor a medical supply. 13) The temperature and operating time may vary depending on the user’s condition and the room temperature. 14) If you get eczema, blisters, stains, red spots, itching or other abnormalities on or around the eyes, stop using the product immediately and consult with a doctor

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